Nick & John

John Parker returns and this time he has brought along 24 year old Nick Daniels.  John can’t wait to lick and caress Nick’s nipples so he pulls Nick’s tank top over his head and almost immediately starts working Nick’s nips with his tongue.  The nipple play seems to be working for both of them, it’s not long and John is naked on the bed and Nick is sucking John’s uncut manhood like a champ.  John is enjoying the attention but he wants to feed on uncut cock as well, so Nick drops his pants to allow John a chance to blow him.  When John is ready to take the pleasure to the next level, Nick is turned around so that we get to see his manhole and John loosens him up with tongue and fingers before eventually impaling Nick on his man sword.  Nick gets to ride his cowboy for awhile then John changes positions a few more times allowing us to see the couple in new and exciting ways.  John covers Nick’s uncut dick and balls with penis butter and Nick unloads his man chowder onto his abs. Free preview